About Simon Woodhead

A regular speaker at other industry events, Simon founded Simwood 20 years ago and the company has a reputation and passion for innovation and solving challenges from an unconventional perspective. He’s unusual amongst CEOs in being very hands-on with engineering across the breadth of the business and so can present on both the high level industry trends, down to the micro-detail of configuration. He’s quite outspoken in pursuit of a fair, transparent BS-free marketplace, and his irreverent swagger usually comes out in presentations.

Simon Woodhead's Session

The ISPs blame the VoIP provider. The VoIP provider blames the ISP. The web developer blames them both because it is “in the cloud”. The end-user hates you all because he can open Google, unless he’s an Enterprise and then it is much safer to just pay the incumbent. Let’s fix this!

Simon regularly speaks to the confluence of voice and network and evangelises emerging techniques and technology of relevance to RTC developers. This talk will introduce Simwood’s work with SD-WAN; what the technology is, how it works, and how it can solve these problems. It is set to be one of the huge emerging trends of the next few years, and everyone involved in RTC should be at the front of the queue to benefit from it, whether operating over-the-top or in the cloud.