CommCon Virtual 2020


  • Natalie Adams

    Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

    Natalie has worked in a variety of industries including retail, travel and now the NHS supporting systems, organisations, leaders and teams to thrive and develop. She's also an Executive Coach, Mental Health and Psychological First Aider. In my current role I’m supporting the NHS Covid 19 recovery plan with a focus on psychological wellbeing and resilience now we have moved out of the 1st active stage of the pandemic in the UK.

  • Sam Machin


    Sam has worked in the communications industry for over 20 years, IN that time he’s worked with numerous comms APIs, some more successful than others, and is now a Senior Product Manager at Vonage working on integrations. His current area of interest is in low-code tools and visual environments, the ability to open up building to a wider group of people who would be scared off by traditional coding interfaces.

  • Matthew Hodgson

    New Vector

    Matthew is tech lead of, and spends way too much time trying to ensure Matrix is successful as the leading open decentralised communications protocol and network.

  • Tony Gooch


    Tony Gooch is our adventurous product manager. He's been integrating all sorts of technology services since 2000. He's passionate about all forms of communications and thinks the best way to do this in tech is to use open standards, ensuring that systems can talk to each other effectively. First major integration success was launching the first commercial Voice Based Location aware service for Orange UK when he was 23 as development lead, having gone on to product management he's built MVNO platforms from the ground up, and has integrated more than a 100 products in the last 10 years of product roles.

  • David Duffett

    Let the Geek Speak

    David is a Geek that has been publicly Speaking and teaching for more than 25 years, from London to Los Angeles, Berlin to Beirut, Kingston to Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai to Melbourne, and Mexico City! He loves communications technology and having served as the Worldwide Community Director for the Asterisk® project for nearly 7 years, he now acts as the Worldwide Community Advocate at SignalWire, Inc., the company behind the FreeSWITCH project. David has always been grateful to the Geeks that build the various technologies he speaks about, and he wants to give back – by helping Geeks to Speak!

  • Tim Panton


    Tim is a WebRTC expert, having contributed to the standards and worked on several WebRTC based products. He's currently enhancing |pipe|'s cleanroom webRTC stack for small devices and porting it onto all manner of IoT devices, including security cameras, baby monitors and self driving robots. He's also building low infrastructure alternatives to Zoom for niche usecases (podcasters, book clubs, SMS users etc) Past projects have included training simulation for oil platforms, time management of a space telescope and running a mobile phone network at the Burning Man festival.

  • Sean DuBois


    Sean maintains Pion and enjoys working on a few other Open Source RTC projects. He started his career by attending the Recurse Center, an educational retreat for programmers. At Etsy he learned the basics of Open Source thanks to the PHP community. He ported multiple extensions from PHP 5 -> 7 migration and added Class Constants. He is passionate about Open Source because it allows anyone to be involved. You can build things that enrich everyone's lives and work with fantastic people. He lives in Seattle with his wife and soon to be daughter.

  • Chad Hart

    CWH Consulting

    Chad is a real time communications market analyst and consultant at, a product management, marketing, and strategy advisory. One of Chad's recent projects was Head of Strategic Products at Voxbone where he ran a new product incubator that launched more than 10 new product experiments that included WebRTC and CPaaS APIs, Viber integration, bringing Emergency Service 911 calling to Alexa, and speech analytics. Chad has served in senior product and intelligence roles at Dialogic, Oracle, and Acme Packet (acquired by Oracle).

  • Fred Posner

    After working with solutions such as Acme Packet, Broadsoft, Cisco, and others, Fred discovered Asterisk and OpenSER, quickly embraced using open source software in telecommunication. A large (_yes, it's a fat joke_) proponent of Asterisk and Kamailio, Fred currently provides Kamailio / VoIP consultation services through and The Palner Group, Inc. From 2010 to 2020, Fred helped his incredible wife run a family bakery in Florida. When not working on SIP, he's trying to make his daughter smile.

  • Lorenzo Mangani


    Formerly a Sound Engineer, Lorenzo has been deeply involved with telecommunications and VoIP for well over a decade and has contributed ideas, design concepts and code to many voice-related Open-Source and commercial RTC projects while specializing in active and passive monitoring solutions with his unique team @sipcapture

  • Dave Horton

    Beachdog Networks / Drachtio

    I've been "doing" VoIP since 2000, when I founded a SIP application server company (Pactolus Communication Software) that made and sold a commercial software-based application server/app suite to carriers and communication service providers worldwide. \ With customers ranging from Webex to Deutsche Telekom and many successful deployments under my belt, I learned quite a bit but increasingly saw both the challenges and opportunities created by the disruption that was the open source movement. While on an extended "adventure sabbatical" a few years ago, mostly spent in beautiful Pembrokeshire Wales, I decided to create drachtio, an open source framework that at once combined my desires to work in the open source movement \ and to find a useful vessel in which to invest the knowledge that I had gained over the years in building and deploying VoIP networks and applications that had to be held to the highest standards of performance and reliability. I love writing software both for the web and VoIP and am enjoying being a part of working to see these two worlds come together. I'm also an avid rugby fan, and have enjoyed playing for teams ranging from the US national team in my heyday to the 5th division St Davids Saints more recently.

  • Maksym Sobolyev

    Sippy Software, Inc.

    Long term OpenSIPS / Kamailio / FreeBSD contributor, open source aficionado. Author and maintainer of few open source projects (RTPproxy, Sippy B2BUA etc).

  • Phillip Ma

    Sippy Software, Inc.

    Phillip Ma began in the VoIP space in 2017 when he joined Sippy Software. In this role he has directed what features and changes will be implemented in our commercially available software releases. After 12 years of experience in software development he has actively worked on building out features and changes that bring big changes to the industry as a whole.

  • Lorenzo Miniero


    Lorenzo Miniero is the chairman and co-founder of Meetecho, a company providing consulting services on everything related to real-time multimedia, while also regularly providing streaming and remote participation services for well known events around the world (e.g., IETF and ACM). Lorenzo received his degree and Ph.D. at the Computer Science Department of the University of Napoli Federico II, where he started working on multimedia conferencing and met the colleagues with whom he co-founded Meetecho as an academic spin-off. He is an active contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standardization activities, especially in the framework of real-time multimedia applications. He is most known as the author of the Janus WebRTC Server, an open source WebRTC server-side implementation.

  • Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

    8x8 / Jitsi

    Saúl is a Real Time Communications pundit and Fellow Jitster. He started tinkering with Asterisk in 2005 and hasn’t stopped working on the Real Time Communications field ever since. He works for 8x8 on the Jitsi team, specializing on the mobile apps. He is also the Self-appointed Chief Jitsi Evangelist.

  • Sergio Garcia Murillo


    Media Server Lead at CoSMo Software, founder of Medooze . Tech enthusiast and WebRTC expert, father of Leo and Mia. Mathematician.

  • Alexandr Dubovikov


    He is employed as Senior Voice Engineer for QSC AG, one of the major German voice and data providers. Alexandr holds a diploma in physics of Odessa State University. He has 20 years of experience in telecommunication techniques and has contributed to many OpenSource projects like FeeeSwitch, SER, Kamailio, SEMS, Asterisk, SIPP, Wireshark. Alexandr is the founder and main developer of Homer SIP Capture project.

  • Varun Singh

    8x8 /

    Varun is the founder of, he runs media quality and connectivity at 8x8. He has a PhD in multimedia networks and coauthor of several standards.

  • Geoff Willshire


    Geoff is Chief Innovation Officer at Cyara

  • Perry Ismangil


    Perry is the Co-Founder at Teluu, the company behind pjsip

  • Andriy Pylypenko

    Sippy Software, Inc.

    I studied radio engineering in Zaporizhia National Technical University, Ukraine. Since my diploma in 1992 I worked in telecommunications and IT industries. My experience with VoIP started in 2005. I'm author of Vapp IVR framework which allows to create multilingual IVR applications with small effort. I created a golang port of popular sippy b2bua library. I've contributed to many open source projects. Since 2006 I'm working for Sippy Software as a backend developer. I'm married and have two children.

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